Currently Loving : Chantecallie Just Skin

With a lot of hypes and raves of Chantacaille Just Skin in the blogosphere, I decide to splurge on a tinted moisturizer.  I was using a Japanese BB cream before and thinking of tinted moisturizer would be the same thing.

There are so many tinted moisturizer and bb cream out lately.  I tried to stay away from Korean brands as they always have grey undertone and likely to oxidize during the day.  Though the Japanese came later in the game, I found the texture is lighter and cover skins naturally similar to their foundations.  The had been using the Japanese BB religiously for the past 4 years.  No clotting of pores or allergic reaction.  Well 4 years is not short and I’m a bit bored.  I am looking for a superior formula and more natural ingredients.  ( At least I can read ingredients in English!)  I haven’t tried any products from Chantecaille before and want to take advantage with GWP event.

Here is what I got.  Yes, 2 of Chantecallie Just Skin and a SPF 50 primer (not shown).

Chantacaille Just Skin

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New In: Amika Ceramic Styler

After the perm accident 9 months ago, my hair is still damaged and uncontrollable. Although my hair about shoulder length now, styling is still a big challenge.  Dry ends and fly away drive me nuts everyday no matter how much hair mask and serum I use.  I really miss my voluminous and shiny hair which got compliments from time to time.  At this growth rate, it will take another 3-4 months to get a full length of healthy hair.  Sob…Sob….

I discovered this brand at the local department store. They have demo everywhere and always eager to ask you for a make-over.  I went passed by so many times having no trust in these type of irons.  However, it’s always that day your hair make you in such a bad mood.  The BA was waving his helping hand.  I sat down for the quick hair make-over and I’m sold at the minute they were done with my hair.

Here is what I brought home.


Amika cermaic styler in Pink Cheetah

Simple control, medium heat is enough for my hair

The floating plates are 100% solid cermaic

Dust bag for storage and travel

This is not the first flat iron I own, but nothing can beat it so far.  I had one from Tony & Guy and Amika beat it out of the water. It’s light weight, only take 20 seconds to heat up and the plates are 100% ceramic.  I’m no scientist and don’t know about what is the benefits of far-infrared and negative ion technology.  But my hair didn’t get much damage from using it as compare to other brands.  The result is shiny, silky, static free and no-frizz hair.  I’m loving it at the moment.  Though my hair is still not back to it’s perfect condition, it look so much healthier and controlled.  Lots of practice is what I need now.

I also brought home their shampoo and oil treatment.  Haven’t tested out the shampoo yet but I like the oil treatment a lot.  It feels lightweight, smells good and make my hair shiny.

Amika oil treatment and shampoo

Do you own Amika as well?  


Event: YSL beaute flagship store

As you might already be aware, YSL beauty boutique is now opened in Hong Kong.  This is their first flagship store in the world and I was excited to attend their first beauty event.

YSL flagship store

The french designer, Noe Duchaufour-lawrance, created this modern and glam flagship store for YSL beaute.  It’s a one stop shop for YSL fans.  They have full range of YSL beaute products including skincare, fragrance and cosmetic.  A facial treatment room is located in the center of the shop for extra indulgence.

Fragrance wall

YSL fragrance wall

Full range of cosmetic

Skincare corner

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

YSL new foundation is divided into 3 undertone, 22 shades in total

New foundation demo ( the model has perfect skin!)

I’m hoping to own this station  :-p

The package of the foundation is luxe and heavy.  Inscription of the YSL logo on the top and it has a controlled pump dispenser, very convenient to use.  Sorry that I was in a rush and didn’t take proper and clearer picture of the product.

After playing around with the new foundation. I’m sold.  Dewy and weightless finish is what I’m always looking for.  Just didn’t pick up this time as I have too many foundations sitting at home currently.

Have you tried YSL Le Teint Touche Eclate?  



Lunasol Beige Beige

The infamous Beige Beige from Lunasol.   Was told that this is a discontinued item and will be very difficult to get.  I got mine in May during Mother’s Day promotion. No fuss. And there are still promotion sets with Beige Beige in some department stores.  So, anyone who want to get hold of this special set, call your closest store to check.

Lunasal Eye Shadow in Beige Beige

Lunasol Beige Beige

Beige Beige has buttery soft texture,

All four shades are neutrals and have a satin finish.  Beige beige has buttery soft texture and feels powdery when touch.  It’s is very smooth when apply on eye lids.  The powder is finely milled, however, it tends to dust up when you apply and has a some fallout.  Feeling all Lunosal eye shadows have similar texture.  BA suggested me to use Lunasol eye primer before eye shadow to minimize fall-out.  Another cult product from Lunasol and will be on my shopping list.

Beige Beige swatch in indoor

Beige Beige swatch under natural sunlight

Two of the middle shades are very similar.  They have a rose gold pale beige tone, one leaning towards pink and the other to brown.  The lightest shade is the most shimmery and has small glitter in it.  Something I can use on my tear duct.  I’m not fond of glitter and this one just above my tolerance line.  Anything more than this will be an absolute NO.  The chocolate brown shade is my favorite in this palette.  It yields just the right amount of brown to create definition on my lids.

Makeup guru, Kevin, in Taiwan loves this palette and he stocked up a few in his makeup kit.  It’s still early days to say I love this palette, but I do like the color payoff.  It is suitable for work and easy to wear in all occasions.  I can see myself reaching for this palette often.

Do you have this cult Beige Beige eye shadow in your stash?  How do you like it?

Skincare Haul

I just came back from Japan and already can’t wait to stock up my Q4 skincare supply.  So excited to receive this parcel from UK!  I’m sure this fall/winter will be wonderful!

Skincare from Space NK

You want to know what is inside?  Stay tune!

New In: K-palette eyebrow pen

I didn’t know there is eye brow felt pen before I saw the videos from Lisa Eldridge.  I have been using pencils and powders on eyebrows all these years.  They’re my trusted friends until I found this K-palette eyebrow pen.

K-palette eye brow pen

Recently, I went to Japan and found a lot of goodies in drug stores, Can’t wait to show you!  This is one of them. It cost me 1300yen which I think is reasonable.  I went to SUQUU counter for a swatch of their eyebrow pen and felt K-palette is from the same league.  Only slight difference in color but SUQUU costs twice as more.

K-palette has a few versions of this eyebrow pen.  I picked the duo version as they are at the same price.  They both have the same felt pen tip and the only difference is the extra eye-brow powder.  What I deal I got! They come in 2 shades and I got the 01 chocolate brown which looks more natural on me.  For those who have lighter hair, 02 color would be more suitable.

K-palette eyebrow pen

Fine pinpoint felt pen tip is very easy to control

Eye-brow powder end

K-palette swatch, felt pen on the left and powder on the right

The pen has an ultra fine tip for precision.  All you need is to draw “hair” in feathery strokes to fill in gaps.  The finish is very natural and especially good for those over plucked brows.  I don’t find myself using the powder end unless I want to get a stronger brows.          It’s just an added bonus for me at the moment.  Staying powder is strong, I didn’t notice any smudging or fading during the day.  It can be easily removed by Bioderma H20 makeup remover.

I’m a happy customer of K-palette.  They have great eyeliners and I have been repurchasing repeatedly.

Have you tried K-palette yet?

What is your favorite eyeliner? 


Mini Haul

Picked up on the way home in a drug store.  All Japanese products.

Revital Eye Mask

Revital Lifting mask

Lash Sculpture Mascara

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

Haven’t tested out the masks and mascara yet. I just managed to try Shu Uemura eye lash curler and it blew my mind.  The best eye lash curler I have tried!  Truly deserved the award-winning status. I have say goodbye to my straight eye lashes!

Soon after I bought this curler, I found they have the 24 carat version?  Crying here!  I should have done my research first.

What is your favorite eyelash curler?  



Event: Cosme Decorte AQMW make-up trial

Have anyone seen the new AQMW make-up line yet? I was drooling over the beautiful design and thus, booked a trail session.   The beautiful floral design is created by Marcel Wanders.  He is a Dutch designer, considered to be the “Lady Gaga of the design world’ by The New York Times.  I believe AQMW’s make-up line is exclusive to Asia at the moment.

GWP set, the makeup bag reminisce the design of the AQMW line.

CD eye shadow store light

Close up of #18 in store light

AQMW has a total of 9 eye shadow palettes in the collection.  I picked model color #18 to try in this session.

CD #18 swatch

CD #18 swatch again

Overall pigmentation is less than ideal.  They all have a frosty finish.  Shimmer is subtle, powder is finely milled and smooth.  It is lightly scented but cannot detect once you put on eye lid.  The lightest shade is a pale pearl green which doesn’t show much on skin.  I don’t find the rest of the shades very flattering.  It’s doesn’t have much dimension as expected.  I found AQMW eye shadow is similar to it’s sister Esprique or even Fasio. Given it’s price tag, I would prefer Esprique.  Overall, I’m not impressed.

Other CD eye shadows

CD # 13, was told that it sold out on the 1st day

Other popular CD eye shadow shades

Other CD make-up

CD lipstick swatch, color is slightly opague

I don’t like the finish of their lipstick, it’s slightly opaque and frosty.  I would prefer Esprique which feels more moisturizing and smooth.  They have a total of 20 shades of lipstick and 5 lip glosses.

2 sample size door gift

Samples are cleansing milk and toner.

Have I bought anything this time?

No.  Given the price tag and it’s performance, I’m happily passing this time.  Design is feminine yet stylish, but I started to learn not to splurge on designs. Though it”s not my cup of tea, I was told more than half of their palettes are sold out and have a wait list.

Have you seen AQMW make-up line yet?  How do you like it?


Rouge G De Guerlain in Genna #28

I am a bit bored with nude and “my-lips-but-better” look lately and picked up a vibrant color for fall/ winter.

Rouge G for F/W 2012

Guerlain definitely has the most luxurious lipstick design among all lipsticks.  Can’t understand why I don’t have it in my collection.

This silver bullet feels heavy and luxe.  The mirror finish is a fingerprint collector.

Mirror opens like a butterfly, I love the craftsmanship.

I feel like opening a jewel box with Rouge G.  The silver bullet feels heavy and luxe.  You only need to lightly pull the end and the mirror will open up smoothly.  No click sound or weird twist.  The craftsmanship is excellent for a lipstick.  I cannot think of a design that has this kind of luxe and posh feeling.  Carrying Rouge G with me is a pure enjoyment.  Though it is easy to collect fingerprints, I don’t mind to wipe it with a napkin occasionally.  The lipstick looks bulky but actually, not too bad as you carry a mirror less in your makeup bag.  The design is just too perfect to show-off at restaurant (even though you don’t normally re-apply lipstick in public).  Guerlain, you made me changed my habit and becoming a rude person!

Can anyone not love the design?

Genna #28

Genna#28 looks vibrant and bright from the tube but don’t be scared by the bright tomato-red.  The orange undertone will transfer to beautiful coral on the lips.  It’s a warmer red leaning towards coral on my lip.  Genna doesn’t have any shimmer but it gives a subtle sheen once apply on lip.  The finish is creamy with a natural sheen.  It is very moisturizing and I don’t need a lip balm underneath.  Lasting power is wonderful, it lasted 6 hours with a meal included. Some of the long-wear lipsticks are not moisturizing enough and I need to apply lip balm in between.  Rouge G doesn’t have this problem and keep my lip hydrated for a full 6 hours.  Two thumbs up!  I will go back to check out the rest of the range.

F/W 2012 seems to have a lot of bold lips element and I certainly do not want to miss it.

Have you pick your lipstick for this F/W yet?