Hakuhodo Brush Haul

A long-waited haul from Hakuhodo.  In case you don’t know, it’s the most famous brush house from Japan that a lot of make-up artists and beauty addicts swear by.  I have been delaying purchase of these heaven-on-earth brushes, as I was hoping a friend could bring them back from Japan. However, my friend didn’t complete this sacred mission. Besides the delay, I was disappointed that the price has increased quite a bit in 2012 and I can feel my wallet thinning…(weep….weep…..weep)

Hakuhodo is very fast and efficient, only took 4 days for them to deliver.  I have exchanged a few emails with their customer service to get advice on brushes.  They have been very helpful and fast in responding.  Shipping is very reasonable at US12 flat for overseas.  This time I have been good and only ordered “the essentials”.

This is what I have been waiting for. The box feels a bit light.

Hakuhodo Haul 1

I love how they wrap it with an orange tissue paper.  Glad nobody was watching me, I was drooling when I opened the box.

Hakuhodo unwrapped

I just can’t wait!

Hakuhodo Box

The box doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Hakuhodo Box came in purple color

Reveal of the brushes!  I got 7 of them this time.

Hakuhodo Brushes with wrap

I started touching and brushing them on my face at the minute I unwrapped them.  Feels soooo good! I can let it swipe my face all day.

Hakuhodo brushes unwrapped


Hakuhodo Haul

  • B505BKSL- blush brush $84
  • K005- eye liner brush $18
  • H603- portable brush $42
  • G519- foundation brush $48
  • G5522BKSL- tapered eye shadow brush $28
  • B509BKSL- face powder brush $72

Hope I will have time for a detail review of the brushes! Stay tune!


4 thoughts on “Hakuhodo Brush Haul

    • You’re so lucky to attend IMATS, we don’t have it in Asia. If I have a chance to test them out, I will break my wallet for sure! Good to hear that you like my blog!

    • Hi Mjacqueline, I love my Hakuhodo brushes! I am using tapered eye shadow brushes all the time, mostly MAC. However, I found it’s not soft enough for my sensitive eyes. Since I was looking to replace some of my brushes, I eyed on G5522BKSL which is made from blue squirrel and goat hair. The tapered brush is good for blending eye shadow and for contouring the crease. It’s a work horse. Everytime I contour my crease, I will reach for this brush.

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